Health And Beauty Tips

Introducing LeVert: High End Clean Beauty

The green beauty world is a small but slowly growing industry. To help accelerate the process and make better beauty decisions, LeVert Beauty opened their online doors in February this year. CEO Ana Congdon, along with her team of beauty experts, take the guesswork out of discovery. Each and every... Read More >>

Shiny Hair

How To Get Shiny Hair

Regardless of hair type and texture shiny hair is not out of your reach. All it takes in the right technique...

Matrix Oil

Matrix Oil Wonders Micro-oil Shampoo And Oil Conditioner

As someone whose hair occasionally gets into fits when it doesn’t want to cooperate at all (we’ve...

Healthier Heart

Positive Thinking Nurtures A Healthier Heart

If you have positive thinking chances are you will have a healthier heart that can heal faster if you are hit...

Burn Body Fat

Amount Of Exercise Needed To Burn Body Fat

Regular exercise isn’t a guarantee a person will burn body fat, especially if that individual works out at...