Health And Beauty Tips

Hot new product: Micro Silque Foundation by Elcie Cosmetics

Tried and true items will always remain a staple in our makeup bags, but half the fun in beauty is discovering the latest and greatest. Today I introduce you to a new buzz-worthy face product that’s quickly becoming a favorite of makeup artists and bloggers alike. In my long journey of... Read More >>

Weight Loss

4 Ways To Insure You Are Losing Fat

How do I achieve long-term weight loss? First, you MUST realize that losing weight is an outcome. This means...

Healthy Eater Food

10 Eating Habits of a Healthy Eater

Eating a salad when the person sitting the next cubicle or at the next table is eating a double bacon...

Herbal Dietary Supplements

Studies warn of dangers from herbal and dietary supplements

Many Americans assume that herbal and dietary supplements are safe, but that faith is often misplaced. The...

Green Beauty Starter Kit

Green Beauty Starter Kit: Skincare

As consumers become more aware of the harmful ingredients in traditional skincare, they’re making a...