Try This New And Convenient Approach To Improve Your Heart Health

To reduce heart disease risk factors, everyone depends on diet and exercise. It need not be so in the future. A new heart health product with aspirin is available now which is a more convenient approach to heart health.

Reports of American Heart Association show that more than 71 million American adults have some kind of cardiovascular condition. These include abnormalities in heart, veins and arteries which are responsible for purification and circulation of blood to different parts of body including brain. The reasons for these diseases are mainly high cholesterol, fat deposits in the arteries, hyper tension and poor circulation. These conditions make one extremely susceptible to heart attack, stroke and death.

In addition to your diet control and exercise routine you can depend on this new product to help you in heart care routine. The new health care product has low dose aspirin which is prescribed by the doctors along with vitamins that aid to maintain heart health and other supplements. These are clinically proven to reduce heart attack and stroke probabilities and to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This will be a big help for other cardiovascular conditions also.

The new product, named CardioEA enhanced with Aspirin, contains physician prescribed doses of aspirin and vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, L- Arginine, Folic Acid and Aged Garlic Extract, known as AGE. Instead of taking a number of supplements and aspirin, you just have to take one caplet for your heart care.This simplifies your heart health care routine and is a more convenient approach to heart health. Alan James Group based in Florida is the manufacturers of this product. It is first in line of the wellness and preventive products called OTCeuticals which provide vitamins, minerals, herbs and supplements in a safe and convenient combination. The Alan James Group is also planning on producing products for bone and joint and for gastrointestinal health under this line. CardioEA will be available in the vitamin section at most major supermarkets and drug and discount retailers.