Madison Reed, Salon-quality At-home Hair Color: Beauty Review

The Long Island Hair Care Examiner recently sampled an at-home hair color kit by Madison Reed. Gasp! Those that subscribe to this column or are probably shocked at that admission; knowing only professional brands are ever endorsed here. However, this pro acquiesced after learning Sally Hershberger and Alex Chase are purportedly “huge fans” of the Madison Reed brand and gave the color a whirl.

So, let’s begin with why this Long Island Hair Care Examiner only promotes professional hair care brands. To start, it is impossible to complete a perfect retouch application on oneself, even with the most nimble of hands, or those that color hair for a living. Because of this, a more saturated application throughout the head generally occurs, damaging the hair.

Hair coloring at home leads to expensive color correction in the salon, along with what some like to call the ink effect, where the hair takes on a muddy or inky appearance (especially on darker colors). This makes color removal, or going lighter difficult, oftentimes compromising the integrity of the hair. Additionally, box colors bought at the pharmacy will never look like the manufacturer promises, NEVER!

Let’s return to Madison Reed. To be honest, the product was sampled begrudgingly. There are hundreds of affordable salons that would do a touch-up only for the same price. Then, the consultation process peeved me slightly. (Yes, I am breaking protocol here and using the first person.)

The “certified colorist” wanted to use my Internet photos to match my hair color. But the issue I had is my photos are of a dark blonde that is highlighted, over a level five, which includes a fair percentage of grays. After a few persistent emails back and forth, I persuaded the colorist to send me the number I use on my roots, or something similar.

The color was a good enough match, and indeed provided 100 percent gray coverage, however it was slightly darker than what is normally used. This is because the number system is a little different than most of the professional brands I use on clients. But, as a professional, it was completely my fault for not scanning the site’s colors to begin with.

Would I recommend Madison Reed hair color? Yes, with conditions. What convinced me to sample the brand was the fact many professionals are using it in the salon. It’s a nice ammonia-free formula without the added parabens for the guest that is concerned with what goes on her scalp. The at-home hair color left a luminous shine, and the hair felt soft and conditioned after.

The kit comes with all that is needed for at-home hair coloring, from color to barrier cream and shampoo and conditioner. Madison Reed is definitely healthier for the hair than any retail box you will find in the drug stores, and is absolutely “ a salon-grade product.”

I don’t suggest opting for the color on a regular basis, for the reasons I mentioned above, but as a busy working mom, I do understand time constraints. For those moments when getting to a salon is impossible, and the gray is screaming for coverage, then yes, I highly recommend Madison Reed at-home hair color.