Best in Natural Beauty: Hair

Whether you’re blessed with naturally thick, textured hair — or you’re like me and work hard to plump your fine strands — everyone can benefit from trading in chemical-packed hair products for a more natural option. In today’s “best in” I give you some marvelous mane recommendations.

For All Hair Types: Josh Rosebrook Deep Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner is an excellent all-around option. This duo is made to be massaged into sections of the hair starting at the scalp. The certified organic herbal ingredients work to stimulate the follicle while cleansing. Rosemary, Horsetail, Lavender and Burdock work to actually prevent hair thinning.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Josh about a month ago. We chatted about his passion for healthy hair, what it means to use truly organic ingredients, and what’s to come for the line. There’s no doubt that Josh is an expert in cocktailing the most effective of all-natural ingredients to promote hair growth, shine, and repair. I mentioned to him that after one use of sampling his products, I noticed a difference in my hair texture. He agreed with my sentiment that in order to know a product is truly effective, you absolutely will notice a change after one application. This is what sets his products apart from others who make promises strictly for marketing purposes. Stay away from claims like “thicker, longer hair after just 2 months” or “must continue use 5 times a week for visible results.” It is possible to yield bigger, better hair after one experience, and Josh Rosebrook’s shampoo and conditioner confirmed that for me. Josh will be coming out with some new products this summer, and I will certainly keep you updated when they are released.

Damaged Hair: If you have scalp or split end damage, No Scary Hairy by Pristine Beauty is the product for you. CEO Blaire Kessler created this line for herself after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. She had both skin and hair issues and was appalled at the harmful ingredients in traditional cosmetics. No Scary Hairy helped infuse Blaire’s hair with health and restore it back to health. Now it’s available to the masses, along with a skincare line, to do the same for us. It’s a true multi-tasker — I use it on damp hair from ends to root and without weighing my fine hair down, it works to tame frizz, protect against heat styling, and most importantly moisturize my scalp for flake-free reassurance.

Bonus: Try Pristine’s Hooray for Brallywood Butta for intense face/body hydration and a skin-lightening treatment. This natural plant and fruit infused creme delivers intense moisturization for damaged or aging skin while fading acne marks, sun spots, or scarring. I have hyperpigmentation near my eyes which has faded with use of this cream.

Double Bonus: A donation of every Pristine Beauty purchase goes to various cancer charities. This is near and dear to my heart personally, as my mother is a cancer survivor and warrior. I couldn’t imagine life without her, and I highly praise companies like Pristine who have such a beautiful heart in thinking of others like my mom. Read more about Blaire Kessler’s story here, and do not forget that your money is going toward a solution to an issue that affects millions everyday. If you don’t personally have use for a product, buy one as a gift — but please do support this company and its incredible philanthropy.

Fine Hair: Ah, my fellow fine-haired ladies, you have come to the right place. It can be a challenge for us to find products that are light enough in texture not to weigh the hair down. Rare El’ements Essential Lite Conditioner finds the happy medium of hydration and repair. This brand utilizes the Marula African “miracle oil” which is also found in Marula Cocktail Leave-In Treatment. The serum is a dream for fine hair. It helps prevent split ends, protects hair from heat, tames any unruly flyaways — but my favorite use of it is the detangling aspect. I was a child of 1986, and in my haircare routine back then consisted of a cult favorite detangling spray. My mom used to spray heaps of it on my long, impossible tresses before attempting to put a brush through it. Marula Cocktail brings me back to those days. It makes my knotty hair more manageable while reaping the benefits of an all-natural product.