The 4 Best Nuts to Eat for Losing Weight

It is common knowledge that nuts are high in calories and fat. However, the fat is monounsaturated also known as the “good fat”. Nuts are beneficial sources for fiber and protein; two extremely key ingredients for facilitating weight loss. According to, about a dozen walnuts or almonds each day not only provide a substantial weight loss snack they can also lower the risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Nuts are perfect for snacking, but can also be put in salads, yogurts, recipes, whole grain cereals, eaten with low-fat dairy, or fruit. They are filling, so empty calorie cravings will not sabotage weight loss efforts. The fats and oils previously mentioned in nuts do not have LDL cholesterol(Bad). They are heart healthy, and give the metabolism a boost to burn excess fat.

With all that being said, all nuts are not suitable for weight loss; specifically salted and cooked nuts. Any nut eaten for weight loss purposes should be raw and unsalted, so the typical supermarket brand will probably not do. According to the website, eating any of the following nuts and maintaining a healthy diet with regular exercise can be beneficial to weight loss efforts.


Rated the number one weight loss nut; almonds have omega three fatty acids, plenty of fiber and proteins. Eating almonds create a feeling of being more full, so there are fewer cravings for fatty, high carbohydrate calories.


Just like almonds, walnuts are high in omega three fatty acids, fiber and protein. Eaten daily, they help the body to get rid of LDL cholesterol(Bad) and provide a benefit to the heart.


Like walnuts and almonds, cashews are filling, but most notable, they have phosphorus, zinc, healthy fats, fiber and protein. All excellent ingredients for losing weight when eaten in moderation.


Known as one of the lower calorie nuts, one can eat about 50 pistachios and only consume around 160 calories, in addition to gaining minerals, vitamins and almost three grams of fulfilling fiber per serving.

Maximum two ounces of nuts daily are sufficient to reinforce healthy weight loss, without adding excess calories, but only if the majority of foods eaten are low in calories like fresh vegetables, fruits and very lean meats.