Chinese Herbs Stimulate And Energize Hair Via Peter Lamas’ New Hair Care Line!

Hair care is an important part of my personal routine, simply because I can’t avoid my hair… it’s really long! I love sharing my personal insights about taking care of long hair so that it remains healthy, voluminous and shiny. Besides writing general articles such as this one, with simple tips on keeping long hair healthy, I also love to highlight the all-natural cosmetics brands that formulate truly exceptional, effective and healthy products to give our hair a natural, and – most importantly – non-toxic boost!

Which brings me to my non-toxic hair care option for this month – Peter Lamas’ new Chinese herbs regenerating hair care system, which includes 3 steps of hair-loving goodness – shampooing, conditioning and applying a hair- stimulating scalp serum. Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, Peter Lamas partnered with famed holistic expert Dr. Mao, to formulate a natural hair care system, infused with ancient Chinese herbs, which stimulate hair growth, strengthen hair follicles and improve hair’s elasticity.

All of the products in the 3-step Chinese Herbs system are petrochemical, paraben, and sulfate free. The formulas are also vegan and cruelty free. Check out the amazing, non-toxic ingredients in all of these ‘Chinese Herbs’ hair products on the Peter Lamas website, where you can also read more about this fantastic cosmetics brand.

After just one use, I noticed visible shine, vibrancy and volume in my hair. I would certainly agree with the brand’s own claim that these products energize the hair, because that’s the best way to describe it! After a couple weeks using the shampoo, conditioner and scalp serum, I continue to be impressed, and my hair definitely is retaining its elasticity, despite my almost-daily use of a chlorinated pool. The experience of using these products is also very pleasant because of their wonderful minty-herbal scent (like a mint-infused black tea)!

Now, it’s too early to tell if there is actually more hair growing on my head, and I would love to post an update in a month or two to make my verdict, but there is no doubt, in my personal experience thus far, that Peter Lamas’ hair system assists in producing volume, shine and elasticity in the hair. I have been applying the scalp serum to the scalp area above my temples, where I have always had weaker hair, and I am curious to see if the serum strengthens those particular hair follicles. The lovely thing about the scalp serum, a smooth and light texture, is that you can apply it directly to your scalp and the hair will not begin to look greasy because of it. The scalp serum formula simply absorbs within a few minutes, without affecting the plush, vibrant look of the hair that you get by using the shampoo and conditioner duo!

The one thing I will mention, for those of you who want to try these fabulous products, is to follow Peter Lamas’ suggestion to allow the conditioner to sit on the hair, prior to rinsing, for 5 minutes. I found this to be necessary to keep my hair easy to brush through once it dries (especially since blow drying is a big no-no for me). Peter Lamas products do not use sulfates, and therefore, need that extra minute or two to absorb into the hair. The shampoo also does not lather like crazy, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that it’s not cleaning your hair. Most popular brand name shampoos mask the toxic chemicals they throw into hair care products with the disguise of chemical lathering substances, which make us think the product must work fine since they lather so well! Instead, most non-natural brands will strip the hair of natural oils, coat it with fake and toxic chemicals, and pollute our bodies with unnecessary and often carcinogenic toxins.

I would like to extend a giant thumbs up to the Peter Lamas brand for being a part of the non-toxic cosmetics band wagon, giving us luxury beauty options that are effective and safe for us and for the planet! Check out the recommended links below for other favorite, tried-and-true, natural and non-toxic hair care options, ranging from luxury brands like Peter Lamas, to economical brands.