Everything You Need To Know About Mila Moursi Skincare

Many Examiner readers struggle with the finicky and complex issue of oily skin that is also dehydrated. What may seem like an oxymoron to some is actually quite a common concern, and although frustrating, can be managed with a proper skincare routine. Consistency is key with any successful skincare regimen, so if 10 minutes a night and 3 minutes in the morning is not something that you can fully commit to, be aware that you won’t have the results described below.

Ideally, you want to remove excess shine while allowing a certain amount of moisture to hydrate the skin – this will let your body better regulate oil production. You should also be mindful of your product’s ingredient deck and ensure that the majority are naturally derived, high-quality components that serve a purpose to your skin.

A few products that work wonders on this particular skin type come from Mila Moursi, who currently provides spa treatments to some of the most elite clientele in Hollywood. Her line brings the same level of luxury to the mass market and proof is apparent in these gorgeous, skin-loving products:

Cleansing Foam is instant gratification; oils and impurities are vanished immediately and you’re left with a squeaky-clean feeling minus the tightness. Anyone who ever doubted the efficacy of a cleanser (i.e. “a cleanser in a cleanser; it washes right off – it isn’t worth the investment!”) should really give this one a try. There’s something different and unique about it which you must experience for yourself to understand. The best way to explain it is this: have you ever noticed how even and poreless your skin looks immediately following a clay mask? That’s what this cleanser does after each AM and PM use.

pH Balancing Toner works to remove any leftover debris but also adds moisture back into the skin. It’s alcohol-free and contains Salicylic Acid to help prevent blemishes and Lactic Acid to refine texture. Not everyone will find the need for the extra step, but it certainly helps to ensure the face is completely clear of makeup and pore-clogging dirt so the next products can absorb fully.

Rejuvenating Serum is for the uber-serious users out there and the one product of Mila’s line that has the most immediate effect in terms of anti-aging. Use this serum after cleansing to restore moisture and lock in its benefits – benefits that range from hydration, brightening, skin volumizing, and soothing – just to name a few. It works overnight to leave you with a younger-looking complexion, especially when combined with the latter mentioned products. The best part (besides the fact that it works) is it’s oil-free and safe on sensitive skin. It not only relaxes the look of lines, but also slightly lightens pigmentation such as dark freckles or sun spots. After just a few nights of use, you wake up to skin that looks and feels smoother.

Refining Lotion and Firming Cream have different functions but alternating them is essential; it helps the skin to not adjust to a specific treatment so that both can be as powerful as possible. These treatments are extremely potent so don’t over-do your application. Firming Cream is a beautiful anti-aging product that gets better with time. You need to stay dedicated to daily use but when you do, the results are evident. It won’t remove wrinkles or fine lines (you would need needles and a doctor for that), but it plumps them up to greatly reduce their appearance. It also helps retain moisture in the skin which prevents new lines from forming. The light texture feels amazing – such a breath of fresh air considering there aren’t a ton of products in the anti-aging realm that don’t feel heavy on the skin.

Refining Lotion is made for anyone concerned with acne scarring and textural issues. The formula contains 2 of the best ingredients in exfoliation: Lactic Acid and Glycolic Acid. The duality is fabulous at treating acne-prone skin, and they’re only a glimpse into a rather long (but necessary) list of super-power ingredients that will change your skin – with the help of Mila’s other skincare and your continuity.

As a whole, Mila Moursi skincare is exceptional. It balances dehydrated skin back to health. Have you tried anything from this line? What are your thoughts or what are you most interested in? Discover Mila Moursi here and send your feedback