Green Beauty Starter Kit: Skincare

As consumers become more aware of the harmful ingredients in traditional skincare, they’re making a move from chemical to organic. The green beauty world can be overwhelming, but this starter kit recommendation should lead you in the right direction. You’ll need 4 basics: cleanser, moisturizer, serum and exfoliator.

Cleanser: Mad Hippie’s Cream Cleanser is a fail-safe product for all skin types. A little goes a long way and while it thoroughly cleanses the skin, it doesn’t overdry. Shea butter and organic oils leave the skin nourished, while green tea calms and protects from free radicals. Plus, the price is affordable ($15.99 for 4 oz!) so you can purchase a great product guilt-free.

Serum: Vitamin C Serum from Mad Hippie is the perfect starter treatment — it lightens pigmented areas and helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles. This product is highly concentrated and absorbs quickly into the skin. It also helps moisturizer penetrate deeply, so it works double-duty to nourish and brighten.

Moisturizer: Liquid and cream moisturizers work well, but facial sprays are easier to use and just as effective. Tatcha uses conventional Japanese skincare ingredients to plump and provide beneficial antioxidants to the skin. Luminous Dewy Mist not only moisturizes but leaves a gorgeous glow on the face, even after it’s absorbed.

Exfoliator: Tatcha’s Polished Rice Enzyme Exfoliator uses the popular powder-to-lather formula to gently scrub away dead skin. It comes in 4 different consistencies for varying skintypes — dry, combination, sensitive and oily. Each is specifically formulated to work with, not against, the skin, leaving it soft. With continued use, expect to see a more even skintone and problem areas disappear.

With the right products, you can keep your skin healthy and happy. This bunch, especially when used together, works safely and powerfully! What’s in your natural skincare kit? Send any feedback or questions.