Shiny Hair

How To Get Shiny Hair

Regardless of hair type and texture shiny hair is not out of your reach. All it takes in the right t...

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Matrix Oil

Matrix Oil Wonders Micro-oil Shampoo And Oil Conditioner

As someone whose hair occasionally gets into fits when it doesn't want to cooperate at all (we've al...

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Textured Hair

Textured Hair Care Tips: Grow and Retain Length

It is often said that a woman’s hair is her crown and glory; many women go through great struggles...

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Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbs Stimulate And Energize Hair Via Peter Lamas’ New Hair Care Line!

Hair care is an important part of my personal routine, simply because I can’t avoid my hair… it...

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Argan Oil

Argan Oil: The Multi-tasking Natural Oil That Rejuvinates Both The Hair And Skin

When it comes to healing and treating the skin and your hair you can't beat the multi-tasking proper...

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Brittle Hair

Banish Dry, Brittle Hair In Three Easy Steps

Would you describe your hair as any of the following: Naturally curly hair, naturally coiled hair, r...

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Hair Color

Madison Reed, Salon-quality At-home Hair Color: Beauty Review

The Long Island Hair Care Examiner recently sampled an at-home hair color kit by Madison Reed. Gasp!...

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Donate Hair

How To Donate Hair To Oil Spills Program

You, Beauty Salons, and pet salons can donate cut hair and the hair you sweep up from the floor to t...

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Natural Hair

Best in Natural Beauty: Hair

Whether you're blessed with naturally thick, textured hair -- or you're like me and work hard to plu...

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Hot In Haircare

What’s Hot In Haircare

The heat of the Summer sun can dry and damage hair, so it's important to invest in proper care. Here...

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