Heart Disease Symptoms to Look Out For

Heart problems are one of the leading death causing factors in the world especially in the case of developed countries. As a result of the modern lifestyle we prefer to follow, the number of people affected by this is rising steadily. But we don’t have to despair. From drugs and lifestyle changes to surgery, modern medicine offers a plethora of effective treatments for this condition. Following the age old adage that says prevention is better than cure, let’s look at some preventive methods before going on to the symptoms of cardiac disease.

Start off the prevention by choosing a healthy lifestyle. Living a modern life is no excuse for letting go of your health. The sad part in this is even the most diligent and health conscious person can contract the disease due to his hereditary makeup and genetics. But all is not lost as even this will only make one more susceptible to certain disease causing factors and by adjusting our lives carefully, we can improve our chances of warding off heart diseases.

Smoking and obesity are two of the most dangerous contributors to this problem. They increase a person’s blood pressure thereby putting an extra strain on one’s heart. Smoking will result in fat deposit in the arteries which will hinder the circulation process. If a person is obese, it means his or her diet is unhealthy and the body may be deficient in the essential minerals and nutrients which will help in the smooth functioning of the body. Getting out of the habit of smoking and alcoholism and getting on a healthy diet and regular exercise routine will help you to prevent heart diseases.

Symptoms associated with cardiac disease are not always strongly pronounced. They may point to other conditions also due to which heart problems are often diagnosed late. If you find yourself suffering from any of the below mentioned symptoms, do yourself a favor and consult a doctor. If you find yourself struggling with breathing or you have any breathing troubles without doing any strenuous work, it may be signs of the stress on your heart. If your heart beat is uneven, that is if you are having palpitations without its normal reasons like exercise or anxiety, you may have a heart trouble.

Tingling feeling in your body parts like your fingers, lips and toes suggest the absence of proper oxygen circulation to these parts which is again a sign of potential heart disease. And if you find these parts changing to a bluish color, you must get medical help immediately.

The most obvious sign of heart trouble is angina, which is a condition where you feel tightening of your chest along with pain. Even if the pain is in bearable level, if it occurs regularly, consulting a doctor is the next step. When properly controlled in its early stage, this condition will not develop into serious heart conditions. To conclude, looking out for symptoms while maintaining a healthy lifestyle will keep your health intact and your mind stress free.