How To Get Shiny Hair

Regardless of hair type and texture shiny hair is not out of your reach. All it takes in the right technique along with a little patience and consistency to bring out the natural shine in your hair.

Hydrate: Much like plants our body, including our hair needs regular hydration. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day (half you weight in ounces) along with food with a high water content will hydrate your body from the inside out.

Highly penetrative oils: Oils with high penetrative qualities like coconut and olive oil won’t just sit on top of the hair and cause build up, they penetrate the hair shaft aiding in proper moisture balance. Try using a deep penetrating oil, like coconut oil before washing your hair and allow it to sit on your hair for few minutes to an hour. The oil will act as a pre shampoo conditioning treatment and prevent complete dryness in the hair from the cleansing process.

Deep condition regularly: Periodic deep conditioning of the hair, 1-4 times per month, is a sure way to hydrate the hair shaft from the inside out. If your hair remains hydrated using heavy product and oils during styling will not be necessary. Top 10 Home Rememdies recommends using eggs as a form of deep conditioner as eggs are filled with natural fatty acids, protein, and lecithin which will help strengthen the hair as well as aid in producing shine.

Rinse with cool water: After rinsing out your conditioner try giving your hair a quick rinse with cool water to close your hair shaft, resulting in shine.

Complete hairstyling with a finishing gloss: Health Magazine recommends using a finishing gloss on your hair after styling. This will help lay down any fly aways and help prevent frizz, especially for those with curly and color treated hair.

Regular practice of these remedies may help train your hair to produce more shine as well as improve overall hair health.