Best Of DeVita Natural Skin Care and Color Cosmetics

If you haven’t yet heard of DeVita Natural Skin Care and Color Cosmetics, where have you been hiding?! DeVita is an all-natural vegan makeup, skincare, and baby line that not only creates department store quality products, but is a certified woman-owned business as well (how cool is that?) They use smart ingredients and quality packaging to fuse the bridge between performance and beauty. Plus, being based out of sunny Arizona, it’s easy to recognize the cheerful and helpful demeanor of the DeVita team. It’s an “all around” type company, and I’m here to bring you the best of the line!

For those who have ingredient sensitivities, Moisture Tint BB Cream is a great product to try. It’s aloe and water based — a perfect companion to sensitive skin. What I like most about this product is that it doesn’t try to be anything it is not. It’s labeled as a BB Cream — which, if you’re familiar with what a true BB Cream is supposed to be, is a moisturizing skincare treatment with sheer coverage. Moisture Tint BB is just that. It goes on the skin smoothly and feels light in texture. It has enough pigment to even out the skintone slightly without completely masking it like other “BB creams” tend to do. This comes in 3 different shades; for reference, I use Medium which is very forgiving on my ever-changing skin color.

Absolutely Whipped Foundation is my favorite product from the DeVita line! I like using this on top of the Moisture Tint BB Cream for flawless coverage. It has a moussey texture, covers nicely on the first layer, and leaves a semi-dewy finish. Bonus: it’s made with anti-aging ingredients! Absolutely Whipped is the right way to “do” whipped creme makeup.

For the woman on the go, Absolute SoftBlend is a product to consider. It makes it easy for quick coverage. The silica in this foundation ensures a smooth application over problem areas like pores. In my teenage years, this was the texture I always turned to for its convenience, but it never really looked “natural” — I always ended up with plaster face! SoftBlend, when applied properly, looks skin-like and makes me think to myself: why, why didn’t you exist when I was 16?!

Natural lipsticks are very hit or miss, as they can lack in staying power and pigmentation, but I quite like DeVita’s in Sanguine Angel. It reminds me of the colors my mom, still a beauty enthusiast to this day, gravitates towards — a pretty brown based red. It’s made from flower waxes and smells divine. It has good staying power and I love the classy red and gold packaging.

Apart from makeup, DeVita also carries a full line of natural skincare. The Deluxe Travel Kit is a great way to sample the brand and its efficacy. It includes everything from cleanser to moisturizer and eye cream to vitamin C serum — and a lot more. 9 products for $39.95 makes an introduction to DeVita accessible to many. I’m a serum junkie, so it’s no surprise that I’m partial to the DeVita-C 17% in this kit. This is a considerably gentle serum and a great choice for sensitive skins.