Positive Thinking Nurtures A Healthier Heart

If you have positive thinking chances are you will have a healthier heart that can heal faster if you are hit with heart disease. Doctors Health Press reported on Oct. 19, 2015, a new study has found a link between positive thinking and healthier habits along with faster healing. It appears from this study that heart disease patients who have a positive outlook are more likely to exercise, take their prescribed medication, and perform other steps which will help them prevent more trouble with their heart.

The researchers analyzed surveys and physical examinations of over 1,000 adults who were suffering from heart disease. Participants in the study who thought that they were enthusiastic, strong, determined, and interested were considered to have more positive thinking. The positive participants in the study were about 50 percent more likely to exercise on a regular basis, sleep well, and take their prescribed heart medication in comparison to those participants who were not as positive.

The positive thinkers were also not as likely to be smokers. If positivity evolved over a period of five years the participant’s likelihood of adopting healthy habits also evolved. Nancy Sin, who was the study’s lead researcher, has explained that study researchers can’t say for certain that positive emotions led to behaviors which were healthier. However it is believed by the researchers that the two are connected and may actually feed off each other.

WebMD reports that positive thinking helps heart disease patients. It has been observed that there may be increased survival in people suffering from coronary artery disease when they have positive expectations about their recovery. According to one study patients diagnosed with coronary artery disease who were hospitalized patients and who had a positive outlook about their recovery were not as likely to die over the course of the next 15 years. These patients also had better physical functioning after a year. The belief of patients appears to have a significant affect on their health over the long term and on their ultimate survival.