Review & Roundup: REN Skincare

If you follow my natural beauty series, you know I love to bring you healthy skin-specific recommendations. When I first experimented with REN Skincare a few months ago, my skin wasn’t in any particular shape — it wasn’t overly oily, dehydrated, or problematic, but it lacked that “something.” I wanted to bring some life back into it, refine its texture, and simply make it look…well…better. If you are after the same type of general improvement, today’s roundup is for you.

I added Resurfacing AHA Concentrate 3 times a week to my nighttime skincare routine. It combines both Lactic and Glycolic acids for exfoliation. I always had good experiences with these ingredients in the past, so I wasn’t worried about sensitivity or over-exfoliating. I didn’t feel any tingling or burning sensation and the liquid itself absorbed fairly quickly. I used an entire pipette filled to cover my whole face. This is a product I always saw effects of the very next day. Its super concentrated formula brightened my skin and gave me a glow in the morning. If I was ever blessed with a good skin day, you could count on the fact that I had used this product the night before.

I also tried the Firm and Lift Eye Cream. I enjoyed the light, creamy texture and especially how it played nicely under my concealer. It moisturizes the area well without feeling too tacky and smooths the area overall. It’s a great everyday eye cream made without all the harmful toxic chemicals found in so many skincare products. Plus, it contains anti-aging ingredients which I am more than happy to incorporate, especially in the wrinkle-prone eye area.

Lip balms may not be overly exciting in general, but I must mention Vita Mineral Lip Balm for its ability to replenish dry lips. My lips are a constant chapped battle, but this balm helped to deeply nourish and protect them overnight. Its texture is the same as Smith’s Rosebud Salve in a tube, for reference. I enjoyed giving my lips a good exfoliation and following up with this product, leaving a thick layer on overnight. It has become and will remain a staple in my lip care collection.

All in all, I’m happy to recommend REN Skincare for all skin types. If you have skin that needs a luminizing boost or just want to invest in better, healthier products for your routine — try REN. Send your feedback.