Skyn Iceland’s Arctic Face Mist Will Soothe Your Skin.

With the heat index reaching over 100F, how is your skin holding up this summer season? If you are squinting at it in the mirror, does it look tired, red, and irritated? Consider skyn ICELAND’s Arctic Face Mist if you are looking for a bit of a refreshing reprieve from the heat.

This toning mist with a multivitamin complex will instantly soothe and protect your stressed skin with its cooling burst of natural Icelandic mineral water. The powerful antioxidants, combined with a hearty dose of vitamins A, B, C, and E, will help to energize your skin and protect it against the aging effects of free radicals and environmental stress (hello, pollutants in the air!). Who doesn’t yearn for a healthy and radiant glow? skyn ICELAND can help.

In fact, skyn ICELAND was born from the struggle of being too stressed out. Its founder, Sarah Kugelman, talks about her product line being born from a “life-changing mission to treat and alleviate the effects of stress on skin.” The goals for this skincare company may sound lofty to the everyday gal, but this skincare line was founded by a real person with a real reaction to chronic stress.

Think about it – are you hot, running around, trying to cram more things into your day? This will (and always does!) show up on your skin, especially your face. This toning mist is compact enough to throw into your purse, beach bag, or carry-on, and the result of a quick spray to tone and refresh will be worth it. Don’t you deserve a little refreshment during these hot summer days?