Using Light Therapy To Treat Acne

In the mainstream market, acne is targeted with lotions, creams, and scrubs. Each brand promises to deliver fast, effective results from just a dab here and dab there. There’s one missing link, however — and it’s a big one.

Not all skins are created equal. What works for some may not work for others. The notion that there are only 2 types of acne treatment, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, is absurd. The great big world of marketing is lacking one breakthrough product that helps heal acne on all skin types, without harsh side effects like over-dried skin.

Enter: The reVive™ Acne Treatment Blue Light Therapy System.

At less than $50, it’s the most affordable FDA-cleared light therapy device on the market — teenagers and struggling college kids no longer have to empty their entire bank account at the promise of a cosmetic counter salesperson.

The device uses medical grade lights to kill acne-causing bacteria. It does this without sucking up every ounce of oil that the skin naturally produces, unlike traditional gels and creams. Contrary to popular belief, skin actually needs its oil in order to maintain balanced and prevent breakouts. The reVive™ system eliminates the actual source of acne (bacteria), leaving skin cleaner overall. The result is — at last — a clear complexion.

After one use, expect a small reduction in blemish size. In one week, areas of concern are largely diminished. With continued use comes continued results — be consistent and regimented with it.

The reality is, there is truly no “miracle” that will completely banish acne overnight and leave nothing but flawless, photoshopped skin — to expect this is nothing short of unrealistic. The reVive™ Acne Treatment Blue Light Therapy System gets just about as close to this dream as one could get. With simply a handheld product, some patience, and the will for clearer skin — it really does work.