VigRX Plus Reviews 2023: Does This Male Enhancement Work?

What exactly is VigRX Plus?

Leading Edge Health manufactures, markets, and sells VigRX Plus, an all-natural herbal supplement that was created many years ago and has since gained a dedicated following of men who describe its efficacy in treating various kinds of sexual dysfunction. Leading Edge Health is a well-known manufacturer of famous male enhancement products. Their commitment to openness sets them apart from the competitors.

VigRX Plus’ all-natural composition improves male sexual health in a variety of ways, including increasing testosterone, enhancing blood circulation to the sexual organs, alleviating stress, and improving performance in bed. Men who take VigRX Plus have experienced stronger erections, increased libido, and increased energy levels.

VigRX is a less invasive treatment option than prescription drugs in many aspects. It isn’t as fast-acting as certain prescription medications on the market, since it takes time for the body to absorb enough of it to show benefits. At the same time, unlike prescription medication, users do not suffer any bad side effects when taking it, nor do they feel withdrawal symptoms when they discontinue it. In fact, many men who stopped using VigRX Plus for whatever reason did not experience a significant drop in their sexual health.

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Does It Really Work?

VigRX Plus appears to generate considerable advantages for men with mild to severe ED or a desire to achieve stronger erections and increase their sex drive. Our testers were impressed, and the majority of them stated that they would continue to use VigRX in the future.

Fortunately, VigRX Plus distinguishes itself as a male virility supplement by subjecting its product to the rigours of a rigorous double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical research.

The manufacturers merged eleven natural ingredients, including aphrodisiacs that boost libido levels such as Korean Ginseng and other natural potent erection enhancers. The ingredients help increase blood flow to the penis, which is a vital aspect of achieving a steady and strong erection. VigRX Plus aims to facilitate healthy and higher blood flow in two approaches:

  1. Eliminating inflammation and plaque from vessels. This helps increase blood flow to your penis, thereby improving the quality of erections.
  2. Increasing nitric oxide production in the body – Nitric Oxide is a chemical that helps broaden blood vessels within the body. The broader pathways increase blood flow and trap the blood in your penis to maintain firmer erections.

VigRX Plus Pros

  • Safe, mainly when used as directed
  • A decent level of transparency on ingredients used
  • Science-backed proof of its efficiency
  • Very affordable in comparison to other modes of treatment
  • Product of a credible company with good customer service reviews
  • Free, worldwide delivery

VigRX Plus Cons

  • Not suitable for men using blood thinners, other prescriptions, and some antidepressants
  • Isn’t effective for men with severe cases of erectile dysfunction (ED)

VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus Ingredients

VigRX Plus consists of natural ingredients that aid in enhancing your testosterone levels. Leading Edge Health as a company is very transparent in terms of the ingredients used in the creation of this enhancement pill. It’s important as it gives the chance to consumers to do their personal research and assess the ingredients to determine if they’re safe for use. As an assurance, the ingredients are also carefully selected by expert scientists who have subjected the pills to successful clinical trials.Â

Some of its ingredients include; Korean Red Ginseng Root (200mg), Saw Palmetto Berry (200mg), Hawthorn Berry (200mg), Gingko bilboa Leaf (200mg), Damiana Leaf (200mg), Tribulus terrestris Vine (150mg), Catuaba 4:1 Extract (100mg), Muira puama 4:1 Extract (100mg), Cuscuta 4:1 Extract (50mg), Epimedium 4:1 Extract (30mg), and Bioperine (10mg).

Korean Red Ginseng

In addition to treating various ailments, Korean Red Ginseng was also used in ancient China as an aphrodisiac. This ingredient contains various compounds that protect against oxidative stress[1] within the penile blood tissues and vessels.

Studies[2] have shown that Korean Red Ginseng helps boost nitric oxide production. That, in turn, enhances muscle relaxation within the penis and boosts healthy blood circulation for prolonged and firmer erections. Categorized among one of the most potent natural libido builders, Red Ginseng helps minimize anxiety-related stress, which may obstruct a healthy erection.
A recent study[3] revealed that 60% of participants reported stronger and firmer erections from using the extract. The participants in the study received 1,000 mg of Korean Red Ginseng. Every serving of VIgRX contains only 200 milligrams (mg) of Korean Red Ginseng, only one-fifth the dose used in the study referenced.

Saw Palmetto

VigRX Plus contains about 200 mg of Saw Palmetto. The ingredient is widely used in native America and some parts of Asia to boost libido and sexual performance. Saw Palmetto is also a common ingredient in supplements designed to improve the male reproductive system. Saw Palmetto also improves prostate health and helps eradicate erectile dysfunction, among other sexual health complications.

The 200 mg Saw Palmetto content in VigRX Plus works as an anti-inflammatory in addition to promoting a boost in testosterone levels[4].


Bioperine is used in most dietary supplements to increase nutrient absorption by boosting metabolism. All nutrients and essential minerals are carried into the bloodstream faster through Bioperine. The 10 mg Bioperine content in VigRX helps enhance stamina and alleviate sexual dysfunction among men. This goes a long way in improving overall bedroom performance. The effective dose of Bioperine is determined to be 5-10 mg.


Damiana is a prevalent herb in different parts of the American region. It’s a natural libido enhancer[5] used in the treatment of urinary tract infection (UTI). Damiana also promotes blood flow, provides plenty of oxygen to the penis as well as caters to nerve-nourishing nerve impulses.

Hawthorn Berry

Hawthorn Berry isn’t the sweetest berry out there. Still, it contains a lot of flavonoids[6] and antioxidants that facilitate sufficient flow of blood to the genitals, which leads to an extended prolonged erection.
Among the many benefits of Hawthorn Berry are improving heart health[7], fortifying your blood vessels, and reducing cholesterol. Consumption of Hawthorn Berry as directed helps broaden blood vessels and allows increased blood flow.

Ginkgo Biloba

The 200 mg Ginkgo biloba content in VigRX boosts nitric acid production. Healthy levels of nitric acid enable dilation of the blood vessels and promote stiffer and bigger erections. Ginkgo biloba contains plenty of antioxidant properties[8] that aid in nerve function to promote healthy nerve function and cell protection against free radicals.

Epimedium Leaf Extract

Otherwise referred to as horny goat weed, the Epimedium Leaf Extract serves as an aid in testosterone production. It consists of chemicals that are sure to boost blood flow and enhance sexual function. It is also believed to deal with impotence and keep your sex drive at optimum levels. Animal studies have shown[9] improvement in indicators of impotence, erectile dysfunction, libido, and sperm quality although there is a lack of human clinical study on safety and effectiveness.

Catuaba Bark Extract

The Catuaba Bark Extract[10] ingredient is harvested from Brazil and Peru. Some of its benefits include improved memory and decreased mental fatigue. This ingredient also works effectively to alleviate stress. Its numerous minerals help ward off anxiety.

Muira Pauma Bark Extract

It’s also known as the erection root – and rightly so. The Muira Pauma Bark Extract is a native herb from South America that helps facilitate the stiffness needed to maintain an erection. It’s mostly grown in certain parts of the Amazon region and used for treating issues pertaining to sexual performance. Furthermore, it also helped boost sexual desire[11] in postmenopausal women who participated in a study on the supplement. Of the women who participated in the study, 65% reported an increase in sexual thoughts and the ability to achieve orgasm.

Other ingredients used in the VigRX supplement include the Tribulus Terrestris vine and the Cuscuta seed extract. Although there are limited studies[12] on Tribulus Terrestris, it’s believed to enhance libido. The Cuscuta seed extract (otherwise known as dodders) is included in most supplements to aid in sperm maturation and boost testosterone production[13].

Safety And Health Benefits of VigRX Plus

The following are some of the benefits that may be associated with using VigRX Plus:

  • Improved libido: VigRX Plus helps improve your sex drive. Enhanced male libido translates to better sex life. The multiple ingredients in this revolutionary male enhancement product work closely together to maintain healthy libido levels and promote better sexual performance.
  • Increased testosterone production: VigRX contains clinically proven ingredients such as saw palmetto and Epimedium leaf extract that aid in testosterone production in animal models. This helps treat all issues associated with insufficient testosterone, yet more human clinical trials need to be conducted.
  • Harder erections: Some of the ingredients in VigRX promote powerful, stiffer, and longer-lasting erections by enabling sufficient blood flow in the penis. Additional benefits include delayed ejaculations and better orgasms.
  • Increased penis size: If you’re insecure about the size of your penis, trust VigRX to change all that. The clinically proven blend of ingredients in this male enhancement supplement will give you a thicker and larger penis that will boost your confidence.
  • Reduced stress: Besides catering to your sexual health, VigRX also keeps your mental health intact. It helps ward off any nervousness and anxiety to keep you relaxed.

Potential Side Effects

The side effects of this product may vary from one user to another. Some men who tried the supplement experienced zero side effects, while others reported a minor headache. It helps to check the ingredients first before using this product. Find out if you’re allergic to any of the listed ingredients first.

If possible, talk to a medical specialist before you start any new pill, including the VigRX Plus. Furthermore, discuss any ailments or health conditions you may have or if you’re on any medication with your doctor before starting any new supplement.

How To Take VigRX Plus

Every bottle of VigRX Plus contains 60 pills. Take two pills twice every day. It’s recommended to swallow these pills a few minutes after breakfast and supper. Drown them with a full cup of water on a full stomach. You may not notice any visible results when taking them on an empty stomach because the nutrients will not be thoroughly absorbed.

We recommend consistency and proper use for best results when you start taking the pills. As you take the pills, maintain a healthy diet and ensure you keep fit. Results may start showing as early as a couple of weeks after use. Also, refrain from taking more than the recommended dose.

VigRX Plus Review Results: What Do Real Users Say?

“I’m in my 3rd month of using VigRX Plus. I saw it best to leave my review here for anyone who might want to use it but isn’t sure about whether to use it or not. During the first week of taking this supplement, I never noticed any improvement in hardness and libido. Eight weeks later, things have changed for the better. Even when I’m exhausted or not interested, it ‘springs into action’ and gets me ready for action. Try it yourself. You won’t regret it!”Joel

“Thank you, Leading Edge Health! You guys are masters at your craft. Your service is helpful, quick, and very accurate. I tried your product, the VigRX Plus natural supplement, and I must say, it’s worth every penny. It didn’t take long before I saw the results. Mind you, it keeps getting better the more you use it. Once again, thank you.”John

“It’s a great product, but I’m not a huge fan of its high price point. The current price is a little high for men on a low fixed income such as myself. I’ve found another product at half the price with similar results.”Martin

“I must admit, I was a bit skeptical about ordering the VigRX pills at first. However, upon trial, I’m so glad I did. My erections are stronger and last for longer. My Mrs. is impressed by the results, and she’s promised to renew my subscription next month”.Peter

“I tried other natural male enhancement supplements with minimal to no results. I almost gave up until I tried VigRX Plus. I read a couple of positive reviews about it, and I had to give it a shot. I’ve used it for a little over two weeks, and I’ve experienced a noticeable increase in hardness, sex drive, and stamina.”Sandy

Frequently Asked Questions

Does VigRX Plus increase size?
Yes, it does. VigRX Plus contains certain ingredients that ensure improved blood circulation in the penis that increases the size of your genitals.

Where to buy VigRX Plus?
Currently, VigRX is only available on the official website. You may find it in certain retail stores, depending on your location. The supplement is limited to certain stores and regions.

Is VigRX Plus FDA approved?
Unfortunately, VigRX Plus is not FDA-approved. The FDA does not give its approval to some dietary supplements.

What do I gain from using VigRX?
There are plenty of benefits associated with using VigRX. Some of them include an amplified sex drive, improved stamina, longer erections, and a satisfactory sexual experience.

Final Thought

Sexual dysfunction issues are a common problem among men of all ages[14]. As such, it may impact their quality of life, interpersonal functioning, self-esteem, and overall mood. If you suffer from any of these problems, we suggest considering trying VigRX before you try prescription drugs.

Although no pill is a magic solution to our troubles, you can easily boost your energy levels, enhance your performance, and gain much-needed satisfaction during sexual intercourse by trying VigRX. Not only is it safe, but it’s also packed with nutrients that improve your mental health in addition to boosting your libido and sex drive.

Men 18 years and younger should refrain from using VigRX Plus. It’s not made or intended for males below 18 years. If you’re ready to include the supplement in your routine, stay in touch with a qualified physician. This should be the case, especially if you suffer from certain ailments or if you’re on other medications.

VigRX Plus