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Our Editorial Procedures and Expectations

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Last Updated: January 30, 2023
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We feel that total openness is essential for gaining and maintaining your confidence so that you can rely on our information to help you on your wellness path.

The purpose of this editorial policy page is to give complete transparency into our methods and standards.

We strive to provide simple, accurate, and practical information that assists in the development of excellent dietary habits and the discovery of worthwhile items that may complement a healthy lifestyle.

We have complete editorial freedom. Our editorial judgements and product recommendations are influenced by our medical criteria and the topic-level knowledge of our health specialists.

Who Is Responsible for Our Content?

We think that in order for wellness material to be helpful in supporting your health, it must be generated by registered health experts. Medical physicians and certified nutritionists make up our team.

The function of medical physicians is to establish research standards and medical guidelines for our wellness content and to hold such measures accountable.

Dietitians’ tasks and responsibilities include researching, writing, fact-checking, and maintaining our material. All of the dietitians with whom we collaborate have shown experience in medical research, with 95% possessing master’s degrees in their respective professions.

You’ll never have to guess who created our material. Every published paper has at least two names at the top, indicating who is the principal author and who medically reviewed it.

You can also discover more about the individual by clicking on their name, including their degree, experience, and current line of work, so you can be confident in their qualifications to write about the topic you’re researching.

The Content Creation Process

The themes we decided to write about are designed to promote our objective of assisting individuals in improving their health via the discovery of useful products and the incorporation of healthy behavior into their routines.

We primarily provide three kinds of actionable and accurate content:

Articles about various facets of living a healthy lifestyle
Comparisons and roundups to help you locate the best product suited to your requirements and objectives. Objective product reviews to assess the brand’s strengths and drawbacks.

Many hours of study and revisions and editing are required during the development process.

To begin, our team brainstorms all of the potential questions a reader could have about a certain wellness subject or brand review.

The issue is then researched by a registered dietitian, who uses their professional skills, our criteria, and reliable medical sources to produce findings and recommendations. Furthermore, they will use their first-hand experience wherever relevant.

After the dietitian provides the first draught, numerous members of our staff will examine it to ensure that it is clear, actionable, and covers the topic fully.

Following that, a medical reviewer will fact-check each piece of information to ensure that its assertions are supported by strong scientific evidence. We won’t go on until we have it right, even if it means numerous rounds of extra modifications.

As the final stage before the content goes live, a copy editor will verify for grammar and style, as well as format it for the best user experience.

We only utilise sources that have been peer-reviewed and are reliable. The citations used for the specific article are put at the end of the sentence in which they were used in all of our material. Additionally, at the bottom of each article, you may open the link labelled “Sources Used” to get the whole list of citations and links to the research.

Our published information is checked on a regular basis to ensure it is correct and up to date as part of an ongoing effort. Whenever we make a significant contribution

How Do We Earn Money?

We have rules in place to guarantee that our editorial choices are made with the reader’s best interests in mind, rather than commercial motivations. We also feel that our viewers have a right to know how we generate money.

When a reader clicks on one of our website’s links to make a purchase, we receive affiliate income from certain reputable businesses.

The goods from which we may receive commissions are brands that we feel are safe and beneficial to you in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, based on our extensive research and independent review.

To guarantee transparency for our visitors and to be FTC compliant, all pages featuring such affiliate connections include a clear advertising disclaimer at the top.

Furthermore, our material may contain adverts from Google’s Adsense network, which will be properly labelled with an advertisement label above it to distinguish them from our core content.

Please visit our Advertising Disclosure page to learn more about our advertising policies.

Disclaimer Regarding Medical Conditions

All content on Healthbeautyanswers, including articles, text, graphics, and photographs, is provided for informational purposes only. It is not meant to be a replacement for professional medical advice, diagnosis, cure, or treatment.

While the material on this site is created by health experts, it is just instructive and does not replace individualized medical recommendations and treatments.

You should double-check any information gained from this site with other medical sources or your doctor.

Never disregard expert medical advice or postpone seeking medical care because of something you read or saw on this website.