Abella Mayfair Review – Pure Anti-Aging Cosmetic Skincare

Abella Mayfair Rapid Wrinkle Control Cream

Abella Mayfair 90 Second Rapid Wrinkle Control, Exfoliator Gel, Maximum Moisture 24-Hour Day & Night Cream & Triple Effects Eye Serum are the newest hybrid anti-aging skin care products and beauty cosmetics to penetrate the market place – but do they work?

Will they really give you visibly younger-looking skin as advertised? Let’s find out in our exclusive Abella Mayfair review.

What is Abella Mayfair 90 Second Rapid Wrinkle Control?

Abella Mayfair 90 Second Rapid Wrinkle Control is a skin cream that promises to brighten your skin’s appearance and smooth the look of stubborn fine lines.

You apply the cream to your skin, and within 90 seconds, your skin looks visibly younger. There’s no invasive surgery required and no painful injections: it’s just a topical skin cream.

Like many other anti-aging skin cream sold online today, 90 Second Rapid Wrinkle Control works by delivering whole collagen molecules into your skin using a “peptide-rich serum”. The makers of 90 Second Rapid Wrinkle Control claim that this helps to rebuild and rejuvenate the skin.

Abella Mayfair, by the way, is a skin care product manufacturer that makes a small number of skin creams, including an exfoliator gel, a moisturizing cream, and an eye serum.

Benefits of 90 Second Rapid Wrinkle Control

90 Second Rapid Wrinkle Control makes all of the following promises about its benefits:

  • Eliminates the look of dark circles by nourishing your sensitive under-eye area
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles by boosting collagen and elastin production
  • Enhances skin hydration using active ingredients that “facilitate in trapping moisture”
  • Counters effects of stress by boosting skin immunity and reducing free radical damage

We highly recommend you check out Abella Mayfair’s cosmetic makeup skincare product line right now to see everything they offer.

How Does 90 Second Rapid Wrinkle Control Work?

Abella Mayfair spends a significant amount of time talking about the benefits of their skin care product as well as clearly showing and displaying each of their proprietary blends ingredients.

Here’s how Abella Mayfair descries the formula:

“This unique formula contains whole collagen molecules, advanced peptides and powerful antioxidants to restore skin’s vibrancy and enhance smoothness and vitality.”

That’s the most detailed description we get about how 90 Second Rapid Wrinkle Control works. While there are no direct follow-up scientific studies or enhanced reading to review, they do go into great detail about each and every ingredient in the product that make this a complete formula and cosmetic makeup line.

Fortunately, we do get a full list of ingredients in the skin cream; including sodium silicate, silicate, cellulose gum, aloe leaf extract, grape seed oil, and iron oxides.

Based on these ingredients, 90 Second Rapid Wrinkle Control appears to work in two distinct ways: it appears to use ingredients like sodium silicate to help hide the physical appearance of your wrinkles (by filling in the actual wrinkles). And second, it appears to use natural botanical extracts to help moisturize your skin.

That’s all good – but we would still have liked to have seen some studies on 90 Second Rapid Wrinkle Control to ensure that it actually works. Abella Mayfair does not appear to have invested any money into clinical trials or studies. That doesn’t give us a huge amount of confidence.
90 Second Rapid Wrinkle Control Pricing

Abella Mayfair is currently offering a free trial promotion on 90 Second Rapid Wrinkle Control but also gives you the ability to buy full price retail on the official AbellaMayfair.com website with a price point of $99.99.

Here’s how that trial works (and it does work as we directly contacted the responsive customer support

— You pay $3.95 USD for shipping and handling today and receive a 15mL, 30 day supply of Abella Mayfair’s Rapid Wrinkle Control

— The limited time promotional offer allows you to ‘try before you buy’ for 14 days and then if you do not manually cancel your free trial subscription, Abella Mayfair will assume you liked the product while trying and want to continue receiving the full amount every month until you cancel your credit card charges.

— After the 14 day free trial (just pay shipping and handling of course), you will receive the full month supply of the anti-aging skin care cream at the full price of $99.99 based on their terms and conditions you agree to upfront when placing your free trial order.

While this may seem hidden or a scam (because there are plenty out there), we took the liberty of directly contacting the product owners and asking them questions about how this worked and what the cancellation policy was – they were very responsive and direct in that the phone number and email are made available on their site and offer page. This feat alone is very very different from the hundreds of skin care creams and serums we have reviewed over the years. For this alone, we feel good in recommending Abella Mayfair’s skin care products to anyone assuming they want to test it out before paying full retail price online.

Should You Buy Abella Mayfair 90 Second Rapid Wrinkle Control?

90 Second Rapid Wrinkle Control has premium ingredients that have been associated with reducing and minimizing your wrinkles. It claims to use “peptides” to restore your skin’s youthful appearance. In reality, some might think Abella Mayfair’s beauty cosmetics are not significantly different from a moisturizer you could buy at any supermarket for $20, but we have a good feeling in regards to the branding and evidence they list as being a legitimate brand in a crowded space.

For all of these reasons, because you can try it before you buy it in full, giving Abella Mayfair’s hybrid anti-aging beauty cosmetics a test is in your best interest as you have a full 14 days to decide whether or not you like the effects and feelings these skincare products can give you.